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24C Group is a consultancy that specializes in building business value through brilliant software design.

Founded by a small band of researchers and entrepreneurs in 1998, 24C created the first non-repudiable receipts system for e-commerce, brought to market by Differential (now Axway). The founding team also designed TrustedSite, a method of protecting web pages from spoofing hacks.

24C team members and alumni have led start-ups from inception to IPO and beyond. They have worked on large projects for IBM, Enbridge, TCPL and Yahoo! They have invented systems for edge-of-network security, adaptive rules-based print management, stock market regulation compliance, and technical trouble-shooting (with a twist: the system learns solution paths by watching help-desk agents at work).

Today, 24C comprises a principal and three part-time associates, expert in:

      •   R&D funding  
      •   technology strategy  
      •   analysis & design  
      •   intelligent user interfaces  
      •   patenting  

Our clients are primarily small-to-medium-sized software companies, with notable exceptions, such as an environmental chemical testing firm.

Our most-requested service is  preparing claims for SR&ED tax credits. By understanding the client in depth, we identify eligible SR&ED that tends to be overlooked, and write a strong presentation to maximize credits.


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